Blue De Amsons 8ml Attar


Amsons’ fragrance shines like a classic aftershave, blending refreshing vanilla, juicy plump, and a musk finale. A signature, alcohol-free offering from their exclusive collection.

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Unveil a scent that captures the sophistication of an aftershave with Amsons’ exclusive fragrance. It initiates with a burst of bright, refreshing vanilla extract, setting the stage for the sensory journey. As the scent unfolds, it reveals subtle traces of juicy plump, adding depth and richness. And just when you think the experience is complete, a gentle hint of musk gracefully emerges, rounding off the fragrance in the most exquisite manner, akin to a cherry on top. As a gem from the Amsons exclusive collection, it’s crafted without alcohol, ensuring its purity and gentle touch on the skin, while offering a scent that lingers and impresses.

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Dimensions 6 × 2 × 5 cm

8 ml


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