Explore Islamic creed, emphasizing faith’s foundations, reality, and invalidation, based on the works of Ibn Taymiyyah. Understand the pillars of Emaan (belief) and the characteristics of Kufr (disbelief).


Delve into Islamic creed with a focus on the core elements of faith, its actuality, and the factors that invalidate it. Drawing from the classical works of Shaikhul Islam, Ibn Taymiyyah, this book offers valuable insights into the pillars of Emaan (basis of belief) and the distinguishing characteristics of Kufr (disbelief). It examines the root causes of deviation from the truth and the consequences of following or deviating from the right path.

In a world where understanding faith is crucial, this book provides clarity on essential aspects of Islamic belief and disbelief, highlighting the significance of adhering to truth and the perfection of Allah, free from any deficiency.

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