Explore the intricate world of Islamic jurisprudence with Prof M H Kamali’s extensively revised and highly accessible third edition of “Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence.” An indispensable reference for students and those interested in Muslim societies and comparative jurisprudence.


Delve into the depths of Islamic jurisprudence with the third edition of “Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence” by Prof M H Kamali, now extensively revised and expanded. This essential university textbook offers an in-depth exploration of usul al-fiqh, the theory of Muslim jurisprudence, making it accessible to English-speaking audiences. Islamic Jurisprudence, known as one of the most intricate traditional Islamic disciplines, focuses on deriving religious rituals and laws from the Quran and the Sunna, the Prophet’s precedent.

Prof Kamali’s work stands out for its clarity and readability, making it an invaluable resource not only for students of Islamic Law but also for anyone interested in understanding Muslim societies and comparative jurisprudence. Whether you’re a scholar or just curious about Islamic legal traditions, this book provides a comprehensive and insightful guide.

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