Bukhoor Al Dhuyuf


Bakhoor Al Dhuyuf is a sensory delight. Fragrant woods, enriched with oils, release sweet, floral, sandalwood, and oriental scents when burned on charcoal, following ancient Arab tradition, spreading a relaxing, lovely aroma.

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Indulge in the timeless tradition with Bakhoor Al Dhuyuf. This exquisite bakhoor, enriched with fine oils, infuses your space with an enchanting aroma, releasing notes of sweet, floral, sandalwood, and oriental fragrances. Burned on charcoal, in the age-old Arab tradition, the incense unveils valuable, soothing scents that delicately linger, imparting a relaxing and lovely ambiance to your surroundings.

Let Bakhoor Al Dhuyuf transport you to ancient times while filling your space with a sophisticated and inviting fragrance, making every moment a delightful sensory experience. Celebrate the heritage and enjoy the opulence of exquisite aromas with Bakhoor Al Dhuyuf.

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