Classic Herbal Kohl Liner


Infused with pure ghee and natural herbs, our eye balm offers a lustrous finish. Almond oil promotes thick eyelash growth. Relieves stressed eyes and revitalizes skin.

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Experience the magic of our eye balm, meticulously crafted from pure ghee and a selection of natural herbs. Not only does it lend a bold, lustrous quality to the eyes, but it also provides relief to fatigued and stressed eyes. Each application rejuvenates the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and youthful.

What sets our product apart is the addition of almond oil, a natural ingredient known for nourishing and fostering the growth of thick, beautiful eyelashes. The combination of these powerful ingredients ensures you don’t just look good, but also feel good. With regular use, watch your eyes transform, reflecting beauty, health, and radiance.

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