Sada Surma Grey


Dusky, superfine grey surma powder enriched with herbal extracts of rose, neem, and triphala for enhanced benefits.

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Discover the allure of a dusky, superfine grey powder meticulously crafted from genuine surma. But this isn’t just any surma. It’s a harmonious blend enriched with potent herbal extracts from rose, neem, and triphala. Rose imparts a refreshing, soothing touch; neem, with its purifying properties, ensures the eyes remain free from impurities; and triphala, a renowned Ayurvedic trio, rejuvenates and revitalizes.

Together, they create a holistic beauty solution that not only enhances the eyes’ aesthetic appeal but also offers therapeutic advantages. Embrace a tradition reimagined with modern botanical science, and let your eyes tell a story of both beauty and wellness.

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