Oud Al Sayad


Sayad Al Oud is an invigorating unisex fragrance featuring top notes of Sandalwood, Amber, Bergamot, and Fruity notes. With a heart of Patchouli, Violet, and Oudh, it finishes with musky, floral, and soft Vanilla notes. Experience love at first scent with this exquisite perfume.


Sayad Al Oud is a captivating unisex fragrance that opens with an exhilarating blend of Sandalwood, Amber, Bergamot, and Fruity notes, creating an energizing olfactory experience. Its heart reveals a harmonious fusion of Patchouli, Violet, and Oudh, infusing a rich floral and earthy depth.

As the fragrance unfolds, it gracefully settles into a sensuous base, marked by Musk, Vanilla, Vetiver, Caramel, Frankincense, and Amber, leaving a lasting impression that’s both musky and soft. Sayad Al Oud embodies elegance and uniqueness, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a distinctive scent that transcends gender boundaries. Prepare to be enchanted by its alluring aroma, as this perfume has the power to make you fall in love with just one whiff.



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Weight 0.310 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 14 cm

100 ml


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