Oud Aswad


An elusive blend of rain-kissed meadows, floral bursts, spices, and wood. Starts strong, mellows beautifully, offering lasting freshness and charm.

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Introducing Almas by Khalis, an ode to the beauty of nature and the intricacy of oriental aromas. Envision a meadow after a light rain, the fusion of blossoms and earthiness, heightened by distinct spices and woods. The top notes dance with woody elements, saffron’s warmth, thyme’s freshness, and the romanticism of rose.

The heart unveils an intriguing blend of spices, the allure of rose and jasmine, and the profound depth of agarwood. The base anchors the experience with sensual musk, smooth sandalwood, rich leather, warm amber, and sweet vanilla. Strong at first, the scent settles into a soft embrace, ensuring you feel revitalized throughout the day.

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 10 cm

100 ml


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