Controlling Your Anger


In ‘Saaliha’s Lost Pencil,’ witness a heartwarming tale where Saaliha gracefully handles losing her favorite pencil. This book teaches children the importance of controlling anger and responding with kindness, making it an ideal read for young hearts.


Join Saaliha in a touching story about losing her favorite pencil in ‘Saaliha’s Lost Pencil.’ When her friend misplaces it, Saaliha demonstrates the best way to handle such situations without getting angry. Through this engaging narrative, children learn the valuable lesson that controlling anger is a skill that can be mastered. Saaliha’s experience becomes a powerful tool for teaching empathy, forgiveness, and patience. The story encourages young readers to adopt a positive and understanding approach when faced with disappointments, turning a simple mishap into a lesson in emotional intelligence. This book is a perfect blend of entertainment and moral education for children.

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