Diamond Men 50ml Perfume


Diamond Men by Amsons is timeless elegance, blending bergamot and lemon for a balanced, gentle charm. An alcohol-free gem from their exclusive range.

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While fashion continually evolves, class remains a constant, a truth epitomized by Diamond Men. Crafted by Amsons, this fragrance offers an ode to enduring elegance. At its heart, the zest of bergamot seamlessly melds with the refreshing essence of lemon, showcasing a beautifully orchestrated balance that’s both potent and delicate. It’s not merely a perfume but an embodiment of sophistication.

Each spray promises a journey into timeless charm, making the wearer stand out in any era. As part of the distinguished Amsons exclusive collection, Diamond Men upholds a commitment to purity with its 100% alcohol-free formulation, ensuring a scent experience that’s as genuine as it is captivating.

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Weight 0.190 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 10 cm

50 ml


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