Duggatal Oudh With Wardh Taifi Large


Duggat al Oudh with wardh taifi brings a rosy aroma with woody undertones. This 100g delicate powder, paired with a gold spoon, ensures ease in achieving the perfect, enchanting scent.

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Discover the delicate allure of Duggat al Oudh with wardh taifi, where blooming rose meets aromatic wood. This finely crushed 100-gram incense infuses any space with a subtle, enchanting fragrance, perfect for creating moments of serenity and warmth. The inclusion of a golden spoon allows for precise measurement, ensuring a seamless burning experience. As the incense burns, the rose’s tender scent tenderly intertwines with rich woody notes, crafting a harmonious, lingering aroma that delicately dances through the air.

Elevate your ambiance with the exquisite, effortlessly dispersed fragrance of Duggat al Oudh with wardh taifi, and let every corner of your space blossom in its elegant scent.

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Weight 0.240 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 cm


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