Oudh Moattar Sandaliya


Oud Sandaliya Incense, from the UAE, offers a rich, oriental aroma ideal for homes and offices. Use with quick-lighting charcoal or an electronic burner for a captivating scent that effectively masks undesired odors, ensuring lasting serenity.


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Oud Sandaliya Arabian Incense, meticulously crafted from organic fragrance oils, boasts an oriental allure, making it a favorite among scents from the United Arab Emirates. Ideal for indoor settings like homes, offices, or even garages, its rich aroma dispels any undesired odors, instilling a lasting, serene scent that envelops the space. For optimal experience, use a quick-lighting charcoal tablet.

Simply ignite the charcoal using a lighter or match until it glows, then place it on a fireproof dish or an incense burner. Gently lay the incense on the heated charcoal to commence the aromatic release. Alternatively, consider an electronic incense burner for a smoke-free experience, capturing the essence without the need for charcoal.



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