This comprehensive book, spanning over 180 pages, delves into the history, virtues, laws, and etiquettes of Azaan and Iqaamah. It provides valuable guidance for muezzins, answering the call to prayer, and addressing related customs and innovations.


With over 180 pages of insightful content, this book explores the rich history, virtues, laws, and etiquettes surrounding Azaan (call to prayer) and Iqaamah (call for congregation). It offers valuable guidance for muezzins, addressing their role, responsibilities, and proper practices. The book also provides insights into answering the call to prayer, the significance of Azaan in different contexts, and the customs and innovations related to it.

Supported by Shaari proofs, this detailed resource is essential for muezzins and anyone interested in understanding the importance of Azaan, its connection to Salaat, and the relevant Islamic rulings.

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