The Beginners Book Of Salah


Explore the essential pillar of Islam, Salah (daily prayers), with this detailed book. Designed for ages 10-16 and beyond, it offers diagrams, pictures, Arabic text, and English transliteration for comprehensive understanding.


Discover the significance of Salah (daily prayers), a fundamental pillar of Islam, with this comprehensive book. Aimed at young Muslims aged 10-16 and suitable for older learners, it provides in-depth knowledge and guidance. Through the use of diagrams, pictures, Arabic text, and English transliteration, the author ensures clarity and accessibility in learning how to perform this vital act of worship. This resource fosters a deep understanding of Salah, empowering readers to engage in meaningful prayer with confidence. Whether you’re a young Muslim starting your journey or an older individual seeking to strengthen your Salah practice, this book serves as a valuable tool for enhancing your spiritual connection through prayer.

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