Gentlemen Only 8ml Attar


A zone dedicated solely to gentlemen, this fragrance exudes an air of exclusivity. Designed for the discerning, it remains both unique and hard to capture—a true emblem of sophistication.

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Step into a realm designed specifically for the refined gentleman. This fragrance is not just a simple scent; it’s a statement of class, distinction, and elegance. Every note has been meticulously selected to evoke feelings of power, depth, and mystery. Its exclusivity is not just in its rarity but in its ability to remain elusive even to those who wear it. It’s not just about catching attention, but about leaving an indelible impression. For the man who doesn’t just enter a room but owns it, this fragrance isn’t merely an accessory, but an essential. Delicate yet bold, familiar yet enigmatic—this is more than a fragrance, it’s an experience.

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Weight 0.110 kg
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 5 cm

8 ml


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