Guide To Prayer Namaaz & Duas For Beginners


Amsons Guide To Prayer is a beginner-friendly resource for learning essential dua’s and namaaz (prayer). It features colorful and easy-to-understand vocabulary, simplifying the process of prayer and supplication.


Amsons Guide To Prayer is designed as a user-friendly resource, especially for beginners, to learn the key dua’s (supplications) and namaaz (prayer). It employs colorful visuals and easy-to-understand vocabulary to simplify the process of prayer and supplication. This guide offers a straightforward and accessible way for individuals new to Islamic prayer practices to become familiar with essential dua’s and the steps of namaaz. By providing clarity and visual aids, it helps build confidence in performing these important religious rituals correctly. Whether you’re just starting your journey in Islam or seeking a helpful reference for dua’s and namaaz, this guide offers a supportive learning experience.

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