History of Islam – UTHMAN IBN AFFAN


Explore the interconnected history of Islam with Darussalam’s youth-focused series. The first four volumes delve into the era of the Rightly-guided Caliphs, with more to come, guiding young minds through the essential understanding of our past, present, and future.


Darussalam presents a vital resource for young readers: the History of Islam series. In its first four volumes, this series delves into the era of the Rightly-guided Caliphs, offering a clear and engaging narrative that connects our past, present, and future. Understanding our history is not optional; it’s essential. Through simple yet compelling language, these volumes provide an accessible window into Islamic history. More volumes will follow, chronicling the rich tapestry of Islam’s journey through the ages, guiding our youth towards a comprehensive understanding of our heritage and its significance for modern times, in-sha-allah (God willing).

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