Khalifa Room Freshener


Ethereal floral and woody notes, finished with a hint of citrus. Look no further than Khalifa. This room spray captivates and elevates any space.

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Experience the allure of an exquisite fragrance that harmoniously blends ethereal floral and earthy woody tones, culminating in a refreshing citrus finish. This room spray isn’t just a mere scent; it’s an invitation to envelop your space in elegance and sophistication. Perfectly formulated for homes that value the finer things in life, its essence captures the opulence and depth of Arabian Oud.

For those on the quest for a scent that’s both rich and deeply resonant, this spray offers a beautiful aromatic journey. Every spray releases an evocative aroma that lingers, transforming ordinary rooms into luxurious havens. Discover the art of fine fragrance, and let this Arabian Oud room spray elevate your living space with its mesmerizing aroma.

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Weight 0.485 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 18 cm

300 ml


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