Khalta Maryam Water Perfume


Khalta Maryam Perfume Spray, an alcohol-free elixir, offers lasting serenity and scent. One spritz ensures prolonged fragrance, inviting a divine aroma that delights the senses.

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Experience the ethereal sensation of Khalta Maryam Perfume Spray. Crafted to perfection, this high-quality, alcohol-free formulation is not just a fragrance, but a journey to peace and calm. A mere touch of the spray button releases an aroma that lingers, enveloping you in its tranquil embrace.

Beyond its longevity, it’s the quality of the scent that stands out—a gentle, soothing essence that evokes a state of mental and bodily tranquility. With every application, celebrate the joy of a divine aroma, transcending the ordinary and touching the sublime. Whether for personal indulgence or a cherished gift, Khalta Maryam is a scent that speaks volumes.

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Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 7 cm

100 ml


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