Laeqa Water Perfume


Traverse cedar forests, fruity orchards, and ocean’s embrace. Nature’s essence captured in one evocative bottle.

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Laeqa is not just a fragrance, but a journey. Venture into expansive cedar forests, feeling the fresh green canopy overhead. Meander through orchards ripe with fruit, each scent more tantalizing than the last. Just when the land seems to offer all its gifts, Laeqa gently nudges you to the shores, where the rhythm of ocean waves brings an aquatic allure.

Every note, every whiff, is an echo of nature’s vastness and variety. Laeqa encapsulates this diverse tapestry, offering an olfactory experience that’s as expansive as the great outdoors. Whether you crave the grounding feel of the forest, the zest of fruit, or the freedom of the sea, Laeqa ensures you carry a piece of nature wherever you go.

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Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 7 cm

100 ml


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