Musk Tahara Aqua Perfume

A herbal essence with harmonious musk, citrus, and vanilla, reminiscing a garden’s morning mist. A lasting, fresh blend for women, encapsulating musk, apricot, and rose water.

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Musk Tahara Perfume is a poetic journey to nature’s heart. This herbal, natural fragrance, inspired by our earliest olfactory memories, beautifully blends the intoxicating musk with refreshing citrus. The scent unfolds like a story, transitioning into a creamy vanilla soufflé, laced with green hints reminiscent of freshly cut grass. It’s as delicate and alluring as the soft morning mist that caresses a blossoming garden.

Musk Tahara Aqua Perfume encapsulates the season’s best – a dance of musk, apricot, and rose water. Created with high-quality ingredients, this exquisite fragrance serves as a daily expression of a woman’s unique essence and charm.

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Dimensions 4 × 2 × 7 cm

100 ml


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