Mamoul Dakar


Immerse in the Dakar air with our bakhoor, combining fresh Lemon and precious Bergamot. Erase unpleasant odors, filling your space with a clean, cool, refreshing atmosphere, mirroring Senegal’s vibrant capital, home to the stunning Independence Mosque.

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Echoing the free-spirited breeze of Dakar, Senegal, this unique bakhoor blend marries the invigorating notes of fresh Lemon with the cherished essence of Bergamot. This exquisite combination not only eradicates unwelcome smells but also bathes your surroundings in a clean, cool, and uplifting ambience, reminiscent of the beautiful city that houses the impressive Mosque of Independence.

Designed for prompt, refreshing action, this bakhoor effortlessly transforms your environment into a haven of aromatic bliss, taking you on a sensorial journey to the heart of Senegal’s capital. Let the robust, passionate aroma of this unique bakhoor infuse your space with the spirit and beauty of Dakar.

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