Dr. Salman Al-Qadah reflects on the profound impact of his daughters, Ghada, Assia, Nora, and Ladan, who bring beauty, love, mercy, and kindness into his life.


Dr. Salman Al-Qadah’s heartfelt tribute to his daughters, Ghada, Assia, Nora, and Ladan, reveals how they have enriched his life with beauty, love, mercy, and kindness. These qualities are essential for appreciating life’s true essence. He expresses deep gratitude for his mother, Nora, whose nurturing love shaped him. Her influence, like a gentle shade, enveloped him with affection, imparting life, spirit, blood, and language. Dr. Al-Qadah acknowledges that his mother’s school of love and care introduced him to hope, satisfaction, and beauty. Through this moving reflection, he celebrates the profound impact of family on his journey.

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