Rekindle Your Life is a collection of inspiring true stories promoting self-improvement, increased good deeds, and repentance through thought-provoking reminders. A valuable read by renowned author Dr. Al Arifi.


Rekindle Your Life is a compelling collection of true stories that ignite self-improvement, encouraging readers to increase good deeds and repentance while abstaining from sins. The book offers beautiful reminders, touching on topics like paradise, the reality of death, and faith. Dr. Al Arifi, a well-known scholar and bestselling author from Saudi Arabia, expertly blends Islamic history narrations with thought-provoking anecdotes from his life experiences. This fusion makes “Rekindle Your Life” a valuable read, guiding individuals toward a more enlightened and spiritually fulfilling path. Dr. Al Arifi’s dynamic communication style and engaging social media presence have attracted a global audience, making this book a source of inspiration for people worldwide.

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