My Dua’ Pillow


Introducing the Candyfloss Pillow by Desi Doll Company! With child-safe LED lights and an exclusive lullaby, it’s designed to make bedtime delightful. Press embroidered buttons to hear comforting dua’s, Ayatul Kursi, and a charming lullaby—creating sweet dreams for children.


Experience sweet dreams with the Candyfloss Pillow from Desi Doll Company! This innovative pillow features child-safe LED lights and an exclusive lullaby, enhancing bedtime. Press beautifully embroidered buttons to hear over six minutes of a cute child voice-over with Tajweed, reciting nighttime dua’s, including Ayatul Kursi, the Du’a Before Sleeping, a lullaby nasheed (No Instruments), the Du’a Upon Waking Up, and the Three Quls. The stay-cool LED lights provide a soothing bedtime glow, automatically switching off after 15 minutes. Use the volume control to set the perfect level for a comfortable bedtime routine. Make bedtime easier and more enjoyable for children with the delightful My Dua’ Pillow.

Additional information

Weight 0.650 kg
Dimensions 27 × 4 × 27 cm


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