My Moon Quran Pillow Yellow


My Quran Pillow is more than a soft toy! Enjoy gentle Surahs recorded in a soothing voice for a comforting bedtime experience for kids and parents. Hear Surah Ar Rahman, Surah Yaseen, and last two verses of Surah al Baqarah by pressing beautifully embroidered buttons.

Transform bedtime with this interactive and educational pillow, enhancing peaceful nights with the serene sounds of the Quran. Adjust the volume, press a button, and let the tranquil recitations provide a relaxing atmosphere, making My Quran Pillow an essential part of bedtime routines.


Introduce serenity to bedtime with My Quran Pillow, a perfect blend of comfort and Islamic education. This soft, cuddly toy transcends being merely a pillow. It brings to life specially recorded Surahs that are a balm to the ear, rendered in a soothing and melodious voice, ensuring comfort for children and parents alike. Immerse in the peaceful verses from the Quran: Surah Ar Rahman, Surah Yaseen, and the last two verses of Surah al Baqarah. Spoken with gentle clarity, accompanied by the soft glow of LED lights, they create an ambient, relaxing bedtime environment.

This unique pillow, with its interactive features, not only aids a good night’s sleep but also fosters a deeper connection to the Quran. Embrace the calming presence of My Quran Pillow, making it an invaluable addition to every bedtime routine, seamlessly merging relaxation with spiritual enrichment. Your journey towards peaceful nights and enriched Islamic learning begins with My Quran Pillow.

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Weight 0.355 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 30 cm


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