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Bukhoor, aromatic woodchips or scented bricks, are soaked in fragrant oils and burned in incense burners, releasing rich, thick smoke to perfume homes and clothing, typically used on special occasions like weddings or Fridays in Arab countries.

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Bukhoor refers to woodchips soaked in fragrant oils or scented bricks, predominantly used in Arab countries. These are meticulously burned in specialized incense burners to emit a rich, thick smoke that gracefully envelops spaces and garments in a luxurious scent. Beyond mere fragrance, Bukhoor is entrenched in cultural traditions, symbolizing hospitality and refinement.

It is a ceremonial gesture of welcome, especially used on notable occasions such as weddings, Fridays, or simply to infuse the household with a sublime and pleasing aroma. The timeless ritual of burning Bukhoor transcends ordinary scenting methods, offering not just a delightful fragrance but also connecting individuals with age-old traditions of Arab hospitality and celebration.

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