Purification Of The Heart & Soul


Discover Ibn Qayyim’s timeless wisdom on morals and soul purification in “Al-Da’wa ‘l-Dawa,” emphasizing the importance of love for Allah as the foundation of all good deeds. Now available in English.


Delve into the profound teachings of Ibn Qayyim in “Al-Da’wa ‘l-Dawa,” a masterpiece on morals and soul purification. This English translation unveils the significance of the love of Allah as the driving force behind every virtuous act. Ibn Qayyim explores the power of supplication in cleansing one’s thoughts and heart from negativity. This book, originally written in Arabic by the eminent scholar Ibn Al Qayyim, provides invaluable insights into spiritual development and a deeper connection with the Divine. For the first time, readers can access this transformative work in English, offering a rich source of guidance for those seeking to enhance their spiritual journey and moral character.

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