Al-Ghazali on Conduct in Travel


Ghazali explores outer motives like pilgrimage and knowledge pursuit, and inner reasons such as virtue acquisition and soul discipline in the 17th book of the Revival of the Religious Sciences. Practical guidance on religious concessions and establishing prayer direction enrich this insightful translation.

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Dive into Ghazali’s profound exploration in the 17th book of the Revival of the Religious Sciences, where he dissects outer and inner reasons for travel. From pilgrimage and knowledge pursuit to escaping danger, Ghazali delves into the intricacies of motivation. Inner dimensions, encompassing virtue acquisition and soul discipline, add depth to this spiritual discourse. The translation offers practical insights on religious concessions during journeys, providing a pragmatic guide for travelers. Ghazali’s work concludes with a chapter guiding travelers on establishing the correct direction and times for prayer, weaving together practical advice and spiritual wisdom for those embarking on the transformative journey of travel.

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