Qaed Al Fursan


“This fragrance unveils a unique journey, from pineapple sweetness to mysterious bergamot, currant berries, and fresh apple. With rare black birch, jasmine, patchouli, and rose in its heart, it’s a persistent, expressive, and attractive scent.”

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“Experience a fragrance that takes you on a captivating journey of scent. It begins with the harmonious blend of pineapple’s sweetness, mysterious bergamot, tempting currant berries, and crisp apple freshness.

These diverse initial notes create a fragrance that’s truly unique, adding a touch of individuality to your daily life.
The heart of this fragrance is an intricate composition of rare black birch, spicy and fresh wood, delicate jasmine, mysterious patchouli, and alluring rose. These noble floral and woody shades infuse the scent with persistence, expressiveness, and undeniable attractiveness.
In the final chord, gray ambergris, subtle vanilla, earthy oak moss, and rich musk create a mesmerizing trail that lingers long after you’ve gone. This fragrance is a symphony of complexity and allure.”

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