AL Wataniah Qasar Al Watan


“QASR AL WATAN by Al Wataniah is a captivating oriental perfume exuding elegance. Its aromatic notes inspire hope for the future and unveil a mesmerizing aroma for the sophisticated wearer.”

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“Introducing QASR AL WATAN, an emblem of Al Wataniah’s mastery in perfume-making. This aromatic oriental fragrance is more than just a scent – it’s an experience. It beautifully captures the essence of elegance, drawing its wearer into an olfactory journey of sophistication.

Every note resonates with promise, evoking feelings of optimism for the future and what it holds. Its stunning aroma captivates from the first spritz, weaving a tale of timeless allure and modern charm. Perfect for the discerning individual seeking a scent that tells a story, QASR AL WATAN leaves an indelible mark, turning moments into memories.”

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