Ra’ed Luxe


A woody Arabic fragrance with fougère flair. Pink pepper, juniper, and violet lead to a gourmand heart and a rich amber, Tonka, vanilla base with a leather undertone.

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“Step into the opulence of the East with Ra’ed Luxe, a distinctive woody Arabic scent enhanced by fougère nuances. It opens with a lively burst of passionate pink pepper, crisply intertwined with juniper and delicate violet. Delve deeper to encounter its gourmand heart: the richness of caramel, fiery cinnamon, aromatic sage, and calming lavender. This melange artfully weaves sweet with spicy, offering a sensory experience like no other. The fragrance culminates in a foundation of golden amber, sweet Tonka, and creamy vanilla, all harmoniously offset by the assertive allure of a leather note. Ra’ed Luxe is a symphony of contrasts, resonating elegance and depth.”

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