Sama Room Freshener


Sama Amsons freshener: premium blend of essential oils, banishes odors, enriches ambiance. Perfect for curtains, carpets, linens, sofas, and pre-iron clothes.

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Experience the luxury of Sama Amsons’ elite room freshener, a masterful fusion of water-based fragrances and a clandestine mix of essential oils complemented by potent anti-bacterial components. Crafted meticulously, this elixir is your answer to combatting persistent, undesirable odors, ensuring that your living spaces radiate nothing but pure, odorless serenity. What sets this apart is its versatility. From draping curtains that frame your windows, lush carpets underfoot, the delicate bed linens you retreat into, to the plush fabric of your sofas and even your clothes awaiting the caress of the iron – a spritz of this wonder ensures every fabric is not just refreshed but revitalized. Dive into an ambiance transformation, with Sama Amsons, where luxury meets functionality.

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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 25 cm


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