Samah Room Freshener


Samah room freshener is a premium water-based fragrance formulated with a secret blend of essential oils and anti-bacterial ingredients. Developed to effectively overcome unpleasant odors which will help to make your ambiance odorless. Our room fresheners can be used on curtains, carpet, bed linen, cloth sofas, and clothes before ironing.

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The tantalizing blend of zesty oranges, luscious strawberries, and the rich, earthy undertones of sandalwood creates an aromatic tapestry that elevates any space. This fragrance combination is not just an olfactory experience but a journey—starting with the refreshing burst of citrusy orange notes, navigating through the sweet allure of exotic strawberries, and settling into the deep, cherished warmth of sandalwood. It’s a symphony of scents that harmoniously intertwines the freshness of fruit with the age-old mystique of wood, transforming an ordinary environment into a haven of sensory delight. This unique blend promises to captivate and enchant, leaving an indelible mark on the olfactory memory.


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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 25 cm


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