Sphere Humidifier Oak AM00965


Embrace comfort with our ultrasonic humidifier, perfect for home and work. It adds moisture to the air, easing skin, respiratory issues, and nosebleeds. Enjoy aromatherapy with essential oils, complemented by soothing color-changing lights.

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Experience optimal comfort at home or work with our ultrasonic humidifier. It introduces moisture to the air, alleviating skin problems, breathing difficulties, and nosebleeds. Transform your space into an aromatherapy haven by infusing essential oils. The device’s color-changing lights enhance the soothing ambiance, promoting relaxation. The ultrasonic technology ensures quiet operation, making it an ideal addition to any environment. Whether tackling skin issues, respiratory discomfort, or simply enhancing well-being, this humidifier is a versatile solution. Embrace the benefits of increased humidity with added therapeutic features for a more tranquil and refreshing living or working space.

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Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 11 cm


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