Sultana Room Freshener


Sultana by Al Rehab: Premium water-based fragrance with essential oils. Refreshes spaces and fabrics with notes of citrus, amber, and musk. Ideal for linen, curtains, and hands.


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Sultana, a creation by Al Rehab, is an exquisite water-based fragrance designed to elevate any ambiance. Harnessing the power of a carefully crafted blend of essential oils coupled with potent anti-bacterial properties, it is dedicated to vanquishing unwanted odours. This luxurious scent does more than just refresh the air; it introduces an aromatic tapestry woven with vibrant notes of orange and other citruses, the warm embrace of amber and sandalwood, the zesty touch of lemongrass, and the elegance of florals, all anchored by the calming presence of white musk. Beyond its atmospheric application, Sultana is also perfectly poised to freshen up curtains, carpets, bed linens, and even hands post-meals. As a final touch to clothes awaiting the iron, it works wonders. Experience the grandeur of indoor freshness with Sultana.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 25 cm


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