Explore “Tahdhib al-Akhlaq,” a gentle introduction to Hadith, featuring over 500 Ahadith arranged by subject matter. This book covers 45 chapters, emphasizing morality and manners, making it an excellent foundation for understanding Islamic conduct.


Delve into the world of Hadith with “Tahdhib al-Akhlaq,” authored by Sayyed ‘Abdu’l-Hayy al-Hasani. This book offers an accessible introduction to the science of Hadith, compiling over 500 Ahadith from the six authentic collections, primarily Bukhari and Muslim.

These Ahadith are organized into 45 short chapters, addressing topics such as sincerity in worship, maintaining family ties, teaching children, gratitude, and modesty. “Tahdhib al-Akhlaq” serves as a foundational resource for studying Hadith and also as a guide to Islamic moral conduct. It highlights the significance of ethical behavior in the English language, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in the Islamic way of life.

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