Tell Me About The Prophet Muhammad Hard back


Explore the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from his childhood to his divine mission, through his trials and triumphs, migration to Madinah, and unwavering dedication to spreading peace and truth, despite hardships.




This book vividly presents the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), from his childhood to his divine mission and early preaching in Makkah. It details the hostility he faced from the Makkans, including their total boycott of him and his family, the miraculous Night Journey to the seven heavens, and the migration to Madinah. In Madinah, he was welcomed and spent ten years teaching and calling people to the divine truth. Throughout his life, marked by stages of poverty, prosperity, defeat, and success, he remained steadfast on the path of moderation. Despite hardships, he was always a patient and grateful servant of Allah, delivering his message of peace and truth to all mankind.



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