The Serpent


“The Serpent by Maison Alhambra: inspired by a snake’s elusive journey, highlighting mysterious oud, dry patchouli, and saffron-tinted leather scales.”

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“Maison Alhambra’s “”The Serpent”” captures the mystical essence of a snake’s movement through a dense forest. At its heart, the revered oud emerges, symbolic of immortality and celebrated for its captivating allure. As the fragrance unfolds, one can almost hear the rustling of dry patchouli leaves under the creature’s sinuous path. Its leather scales, tinged with hints of saffron, become almost invisible, adding depth and intrigue. This scent doesn’t just recreate an ambiance; it tells a story of nature, allure, and mystery, making it a distinctive piece in any perfume collection.”

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Weight 0.410 kg
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 17 cm


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