The Way To Jannah




Meet the Only Lift-the-Flap Book that’s Designed for Muslim Babies

Have you ever wished that there was a fun and engaging book that also has a beneficial outcome for your child?

With The Way to Jannah, we can ensure you that you will have a great time reading this book to your children as well as it being Islamically educational. Here’s how:

It’s a lift-the-flap book that engages your child with curiosity and physical play.
The Way to Jannah contains short duas that have a spiritual benefit as your child will hear and get familiar with common words of remembrance such as ‘alhamdulillah’ and ‘Subhanallah.
It’s so cute! Your child will love to pick up this book as it is colorful illustrations will delight their eyes!
The book is written in an engaging story format so it’s easy to follow and every page is intriguing making your child want to continuously turn the pages.
The Way to Jannah is a board book that’s very durable.
It is also small so it is easy to handle and for little hands to grip.

Author: Yasmin Mussa

Binding: Hardback

Pages: 16


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