Why Should I Pray My Salah


Eliyas’s book motivates children to pray and enhances their enjoyment of Salah through thought-provoking prompts. It explains the importance and benefits of Salah, engaging young readers in reflective practices. Approved by Shaykh Ibrahim Nun Al-Azhari.

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Eliyas’s book is designed for anyone seeking motivation to pray or wishing to deepen their enjoyment of Salah. It begins by explaining the importance and benefits of Salah, providing a solid foundation for understanding. The book then guides children through a series of thought-provoking prompts, encouraging reflective practices to help them experience the magnitude and beauty of Salah. Approved and guided by Shaykh Ibrahim Nun Al-Azhari, this book aims to engage children in meaningful acts of worship, fostering a deeper connection with their prayers and enhancing their spiritual journey.

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