Violet Oud 8ml Attar


Violet Oud dazzles with its vivid hues, blending the richness of oud with an aura of colour and serene tranquillity.

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Experience the unique harmony of Violet Oud—a fragrance that paints the senses with vibrant strokes of colour while grounding them in serene tranquillity. At its heart lies the classic depth of oud, renowned for its captivating richness. However, what sets this fragrance apart is its ability to exuberate a spectrum of colour, much like a violet palette coming alive.

This unexpected interplay between vividness and calm creates a scent profile that’s both invigorating and peaceful. It’s a sensory journey, where tradition meets innovation, and where every spritz offers a moment of reflection and vibrancy. Perfect for those who seek depth with a touch of the unexpected.

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8 ml


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