What To Say When…


Nurture your child’s connection with Allah through “What To Say When” du’a cards. 27 easy-to-memorize cards inspire a strong bond while having enjoyable learning experiences. Enhance spiritual growth effortlessly!


Protect, connect, & inspire your child every day with the remembrance of Allah. What To Say When is a collection of 27 du’a cards for everyday events designed for ease of memorization & understanding by young children.
One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to ensure your child constantly remembers Allah. There are duas for all occasions and with What to Say When you can ensure your child is building a stronger bond between themselves and Allah whilst also enjoying themselves.

There are 27 cards so that your child will have plenty to learn and kept busy doing good for a long while.
The What to Say When cards can also be used in game play so your child can have fun learning the duas whilst also being able to independently track their own progress.

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Dimensions 7 × 28 × 36 cm


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