Zimaya Ilham Al Oud


Zimaya Ilham Al Oud Eau De Parfum 100ml uniquely combines the pleasant scent of raspberry with the woody tones of oud, creating a rebellious and distinct aromatic profile. It evokes the awakening desert, with rebel storms and a touch of infinite freedom.

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Zimaya Ilham Al Oud Eau De Parfum 100ml presents a unique olfactory experience by blending the pleasant aroma of raspberry with the rich wood tones of oud. This combination creates an approach of rebellion, distinguishing it from other aromatic fragrances. The fragrance unfolds like the awakening desert, surprising with rebel storms that permeate an essence of infinite freedom. Zimaya captures the unexpected, infusing a touch of rebellion into its path. The raspberry and oud harmonize to create a distinctive profile, inviting wearers to embrace the untamed spirit and the unpredictable beauty of the desert landscape. Ilham Al Oud stands as a metaphor for the unexpected and the alluring allure of infinite freedom.

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