Explore the significance of prayer in Islam through two treaties in the Hanafi School. Shaykh Ahmad outlines its importance, while Shaykh Hisham provides detailed guidance on purification and prayer rules.


Dive into the significance of prayer in Islam with two treaties from the Hanafi School. Shaykh Ahmad emphasizes its importance, urging congregation and warning against neglect. Shaykh Hisham offers a comprehensive legal manual covering purification and prayer rules. This work also includes details on major ritual bath (ghusl), ablution (wudu), practical prayer performance, and integrals of the prayer. Appendices explore legal rulings in the Hanafi school and the merits of adhering to Friday prayer.

Shaykh Ahmad Ibn Zayn (1817–1886) and Shaykh Hisham Burhani (1932-2014) were esteemed scholars in their respective times. Shaykh Ahmad authored numerous works on Islamic sciences and history, while Shaykh Hisham was an expert in the Hanafi legal school and a spiritual guide in the Shadhil order.

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