Explore the spiritual journey through life in “Kitab al-Hikam” by Shaykh Ibn Ata illah al-Iskandari. This work features 264 sublime aphorisms on self-purification and strengthening the human-Lord relationship.


Kitab al-Hikam by Shaykh Ibn Ata illah al-Iskandari delves into the soul’s journey through life, guided by the Quran and Sunna. This edition includes 264 spiritual aphorisms (hikam) on self-purification (tazkiya) and fostering a closer relationship between humans and their Lord. The work also features intimate discourses (munajat) and is organized according to the systematic arrangement by Shaykh Ali Muttaqi, a great Indian scholar.

Shaykh Abdullah Gangohi’s commentary further enhances the understanding of these profound sayings. This timeless masterpiece has consistently inspired readers on their spiritual path, offering guidance and wisdom for those seeking to strengthen their faith and spiritual connection.

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