Explore the rich Islamic creed of Al-Fiqh al-Akbar by Imam Abu Hanifa. This enlightening translation, with expert commentary, delves into essential theological questions, making it a vital resource for understanding Islamic belief.


Dive into the profound Islamic theology of Al-Fiqh al-Akbar, a masterpiece by Imam Abu Hanifa, translated by Mufti Abdur Rahman Ibn Yusuf. This comprehensive work clarifies complex issues of faith and divine oneness (tawhid), addressing vital questions about Allah’s nature, the role of messengers, life’s realities, and the hereafter.

Drawing from various commentaries, including ‘Ali al-Qari’s, and incorporating Abu Hanifa’s Kitab al-Wasiyya, this translation offers English readers unprecedented access to ‘aqida. It fills a void in English literature on this subject, providing both scholars and general readers with valuable insights into traditional Sunni doctrine. A vital addition to Islamic theology studies.

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