Simple Steps In Quran Reading Qaidah Part 1


Experience the full ‘Simple Steps In Qur’aan Reading’ edition, where just a few steps guide you to correct Arabic alphabet pronunciation directly from the Qur’aan. Featuring words from the Qur’aan, ‘Majidi’ fonts, and professional design, it offers an effective and accessible approach to Quranic reading.


The comprehensive ‘Simple Steps In Qur’aan Reading’ edition simplifies Arabic alphabet pronunciation directly from the Qur’aan. With minimal steps, users learn correct recitation. It includes Qur’anic words, ‘Majidi’ fonts resembling the script, and meticulous design by professionals, ensuring an effective and visually appealing learning experience. The use of ‘Majidi’ fonts adds authenticity to the script, enhancing the connection with the Qur’aan. The thoughtfully designed layout, coupled with words directly from the Qur’aan, creates an accessible resource for learners at all levels. Whether beginners or those seeking refined recitation, this edition proves to be a valuable and user-friendly tool for mastering Qur’aanic reading.

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