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Enhance your Tajweed skills with this user-friendly book by Umm Muneeer Saadiqaa Matthews. It’s suitable for self-study, includes worksheets, and features poetry by Imam Ibn al-Jazary.

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Master Tajweed with ease using “Tajweed Made Easy” by Umm Muneeer Saadiqaa Matthews. This accessible book is designed for self-study, making it suitable for learners without a teacher. After each chapter, you’ll find worksheets to test your comprehension. The book presents Tajweed concepts in simple English, ensuring accessibility for all. Additionally, it incorporates poetry from the renowned Tajweed expert, Imam Ibn al-Jazary, with a focus on letter articulation points and characteristics. Whether you’re new to Tajweed or seeking to improve your skills, this resource provides a valuable and straightforward learning experience.

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