Moulana Sarfaraz Khan Safdar’s book clarifies bid’ah (innovation) in Islam, guiding Muslims to follow the path of Rasulullah (saw). Essential for a clear understanding of the Sunnat.


Author Moulana Sarfaraz Khan Safdar’s book is a vital resource for Muslims, addressing the concept of bid’ah (innovation) in Islam. It offers a clear explanation of what constitutes bid’ah and what aligns with the path of Rasulullah (saw). This book is a must-read for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of adhering to the Sunnat and avoiding innovations in religion.

With clarity and insight, it empowers readers to discern between authentic practices and those that deviate from the Prophet’s teachings. Moulana Sarfaraz Khan Safdar’s work provides valuable guidance for Muslims striving to maintain a steadfast faith and a commitment to the true path of Rasulullah (saw).

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